July 1st-5th 2012

Special Endorsement
WM3PEN: Special event station/Club WM3PEN (For William Penn) Will be celebrating the 4th of July week Special Event, representing Commodore John Barry, the "Father of the U.S. Navy", and Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA. Barry was a resident of Philadelphia. He authored a Signal Book which established a set of signals used for effective communication between ships.
If you make a "Q" with WM3PEN, make a full data entry on your log sheet you send for the certificate, and a "Liberty Bell" endorsement with the WM3PEN call, will be placed on your certificate.
They also are offering a Great custom QSL card. Send them an SASE, IRC or Green Stamp ($1). Look up WM3PEN at QRZ.COM. This will add to the fun of the Independence week celebrations.
We all thank WM3PEN for participating together with us for this great patriotic holiday week! WM3PEN is operated by the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club In Philadelphia, PA.
WM3PEN 2012 Total Contacts: 1681

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